Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Fun Facts

In 1982 Madonna was "Desperately Seeking" a film role. She auditioned at Troma Studios for a teenage T&A comedy called "The First Turn On." She even designed her own sexy camping outfit featuring some very short shorts. Troma wasn't impressed,thought she couldn't act and Madonna begged them and said she would do anything for the part. They never did cast her and to this day it has been their claim to fame..."We we're the dummies that rejected Madonna!" Madonna wen't on to take over the world with the release of a hit movie and record: "Desperately Seeking Susan" and Like A Virgin."

Anna Levine, who plays Susans friend Crystal, said that Madonna "had a very clear vision of her character, which other people didn't always have, so they left her as Madonna."

The film that Roberta is watching while she's finishing off the birthday cake is Hitchcocks classic "Rebecca."

Originally the part of Susan had been conceived as sort of an aging hippie to be played by Diane Keaton.


  1. ew. to diane keaton. that would have been the all time worst. never knew about 'the first turn on'. always begging for parts. :lol:

  2. LOL. i fell in love with san pedro. (8)