Monday, May 4, 2009

More Trivia

A worker on the set of DSS said Madonna's dalliances were no secret! "Her trailer would be rocking back and forth like their was an earthquake or something. "Like A Virgin" had just come out so we all had a good laugh.But when it came to work, she was a total professional."

At their first meeting,Seidelman said Madonna was "vulnerable, sweet, even a bit nervous. There was none of the arrogance for which she was already becoming famous. And she had a sense of humor. Given what i'd been told about her i wasn't sure she'd have one."

The alternate ending featured on the DVD of Madonna and Roseanna on camels was the original ending for the film but when they showed it to test audiences they thought the film ended at the cinema scene. Once that was shown everyone got up to leave so they cut the film to end it there.

DSS was floating around Hollywood for four years before it was optioned by Orion Pictures. The producers decided to go for a modest movie, allowing only for a bargain basement budget of $5 Million dollars.

Madonna got rave reviews for her role in this film. Time Magazine said "Madonna is a talented comedian and in the title role of Susan she proves it." And the New York Times called it "The Madonna Movie"

Madonna was trying to lose weight, or rather not to gain any. So when the script called for her to be eating, she'd spit out the food at the end of the take!

The orange baseball jersey that Susan wears after her clothes have been stolen, sports the letters MC. These are Madonna's initials; her full name is Madonna Ciccone.

Ellen Barkin wanted the part of Susan and was the studio's first choice. The modest budget and director Susan Seidelman's insistence eventually benefited newcomer Madonna, who was ultimately given the part.

Diane Keaton was briefly considered for the part of Roberta, while Goldie Hawn was considered for the part of Susan. A combination of Orion Pictures wanting to keep the budget under $5 million and director Susan Seidelman wanting to work with newcomers ultimately led to the casting of Rosanna Arquette and Madonna.

Camel withdrew a sponsorship of $5,000 because of the scene where Dez (Aidan Quinn) tells Roberta (Rosanna Arquette) that she "should stop smoking".

Bruce Willis auditioned for the part of Madonna's boyfriend in the film, but the part was given to Robert Joy.

Upon reading the script for the first time, Rosanna Arquette expressed her desire to play the part of Susan. She was surprised to discover the producers actually wanted her to play the lead part of Roberta.

Suzanne Vega auditioned for the role of Susan.

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