Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Spirited Susan

Fun Facts

In the beginning some people labeled Madonna as manufactured. Madonna once said,"I was making this movie Desperately Seeking Susan,one of the drivers that took me to the set everyday was this kid, and one day he said to me,"I have this bet going with my friend,he told me that all of your music you do was done by somebody else and they picked the songs and they did it all and all they needed was a girl singer and you auditioned and they picked you. And Madonna isn't your real name and it's all fabricated."And i said, "WHAAAAAT?? Are you out of your mind?? But thats what his friend told him and it suddenly hit me that's probably what a lot of people think. It hit me"

The Magic Club

Although most of the movie was filmed on location in New York and New Jersey, the scenes of The Magic Club and The Diner were set designs.

The Players

Madonna,Roseanna Arquette,Aidan Quinn,Mark Blum,Laurie Metcalf,Robert Joy,Will Patton,John Turturro,Anna Levine,Steven Wright


Madonna with director Susan Seidelman

-200 actresses tried out for the part of Susan including Rebecca De Mornay,Melanie Griffith,Jennifer Jason Leigh,Ellen Barkin, and Kelly McGillis

-When Director Susan Seidelman heard that the hottest singer in town was interested in the part of Susan, she invited Madonna to come in for a screentest. The heads of Orion Pictures,however, were reluctant to cast an untested actress, but producer Midge Sanford was captivated. Of Madonna,Sanford said, "She had this prescence you couldn't get rid of."

-When there was a 6 A.M. call to film a scene for DSS Madonna's driver would pick her up at a health club every morning where she'd alread done 50 laps by 6 A.M.

-When Madonna arrived for the audition, Seidelman recalled, "She got out of the cab but didn't have enough money to pay. So here she is meeting with a bunch of movie people, and the first thing she does is hit us up for cab fare. It is exactly what Susan would have done!"