Thursday, July 9, 2009



  1. Does anyone remember these guys' names?

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  3. Those guys attended Baruch in early 80's. I was going to Baruch at that time. They were triplets who I believe grew up separate but reunited at Baruch or just prior..

  4. One of these guys was a customer of mine in a video store in the village, early 90's. I feel bad now but at the time, I didn't like him because he would always try and succeed to get out of late fees and such. He had a wife and a new baby. I was told by somebody that he had been reunited with his brothers by accident after all were adopted separately.

    Google search says they were reunited in 1980. It turns out that they were also studied by researchers without their knowing, as they wanted to see how separated and adopted twins lived their lives, and such. It went on for 17 years.

    Ed (the guy I'm talking of), killed himself in 1997.

    news article: