Friday, July 10, 2009

Pyramid Power

Cinematographer Ed Lachman

Satisfaction (2009/I) (in production)
Howl (2010) (post-production)
Life During Wartime (2009) (post-production)
I'm Not There. (2007)
... aka I'm Not There (Germany) (USA: poster title)
Import/Export (2007)
Hounddog (2007)
The Music of Regret (2006)
A Prairie Home Companion (2006) (as Ed Lachman)
Stryker (2004)
Aerobic Striptease (2003) (V)
... aka Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease (USA: complete title)
Far from Heaven (2002) (director of photography)
... aka Loin du paradis (France)
Ken Park (2002) (as Ed Lachman)
S1m0ne (2002)
Sweet November (2001)
Erin Brockovich (2000) (as Ed Lachman)
The Virgin Suicides (1999)
... aka Sofia Coppola's the Virgin Suicides (USA: complete title)
The Limey (1999) (as Ed Lachman)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998) (as Ed Lachman)
Selena (1997)
Touch (1997) (as Ed Lachman)
My Family (1995)
... aka Cafe con leche
... aka East L.A. (UK: video title)
... aka My Family, Mi Familia
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1994) (as Ed Lachman)
"Tribeca" (1993) TV series (unknown episodes)
Dark Blood (1993)
Horse Opera (1993) (TV)
My New Gun (1992)
Light Sleeper (1992) (as Ed Lachman)
London Kills Me (1991)
Mississippi Masala (1991)
Soldiers of Music (1991)
Catchfire (1990) (as Ed Lachman)
... aka Backtrack (USA: TV title (director's cut))
... aka Catchfire (Australia)
... aka Do It the Hard Way
The Local Stigmatic (1990) (as Ed Lachman)
Karajan in Salzburg (1988) (TV)
Less Than Zero (1987) (director of photography)
A Gathering of Old Men (1987) (TV)
... aka Ein Aufstand alter Männer (West Germany)
... aka Murder on the Bayou
Making Mr. Right (1987)
True Stories (1986) (as Ed Lachman)
Mother Teresa (1986)
Stripper (1986)
El día que me quieras (1986)
... aka The Day You Love Me
Ornette: Made in America (1985)
Heart of the Garden (1985)
Tokyo-Ga (1985)
The Little Sister (1985) (TV)
... aka Forbidden
... aka The Tender Age
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) (director of photography)
The Look (1985) (as Ed Lachman)
In Our Hands (1984)
Docu Drama (1984) (as Ed Lachman)
... aka I played It for You
The Last Trip to Harrisburg (1984) (as Ed Lachman)
... aka Die letzte Fahrt nach Harrisburg (West Germany: TV title)
Portfolio (1983)
Spaces: The Architecture of Paul Rudolph (1983)
Les petites guerres (1982)
... aka Houroub saghira (Lebanon: Arabic title)
... aka Little Wars
Say Amen, Somebody (1982)
Report from Hollywood (1982)
Blank Generation (1980)
Lightning Over Water (1980)
... aka Nick's Film - Lightning Over Water (West Germany)
... aka Nicks Movie (West Germany)
Union City (1980)
Wings of Ash: Pilot for a Dramatization of the Life of Antonin Artaud (1978)
La Soufrière - Warten auf eine unausweichliche Katastrophe (1977)
... aka La soufrière (USA: festival title)
False Face (1977) (as Edward Lachman Jr.)
... aka Scalpel
The Lord's of Flatbush (1974)
... aka The Lords of Flatbush (USA: poster title)

Director Susan Seidelman

Madonna and Susan Seidelman...

Director Susan Seidelman...

Here is a list of other movies and tv shows Susan has directed...

"The Electric Company" (2009) TV series (unknown episodes, 2009)
The Boynton Beach Bereavement Club (2005)
... aka Boynton Beach Club (USA: new title)
"Stella" (2 episodes, 2005)
- Paper Route (2005) TV episode
- Office Party (2005) TV episode
The Ranch (2004) (TV)
Power and Beauty (2002) (TV)
Gaudi Afternoon (2001)
... aka Tardes de Gaudí (Spain)

"Now and Again" (1999) TV series (unknown episodes)
A Cooler Climate (1999) (TV)
"Sex and the City" (3 episodes, 1998)
- The Baby Shower (1998) TV episode
- The Power of Female Sex (1998) TV episode
- Sex and the City (1998) TV episode
"Early Edition" (1 episode, 1996)
- Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog (1996) TV episode
Tales of Erotica (1996) (segment "Dutch Master, The")
... aka Erotic Tales
The Barefoot Executive (1995) (TV)
The Dutch Master (1994)
... aka Der flämische Meister (Germany)
Confessions of a Suburban Girl (1992)
... aka Paradise Paved

She-Devil (1989)
Cookie (1989)
Making Mr. Right (1987)
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Smithereens (1982)

Bleeker St. Cinema

The place where Dez worked was the Bleeker St. Cinema.

One of the landmark Greenwich Village theatres played the offbeat films long before anyone involved with the Angelika was even born. Run for many years by Sid Geffen and Jackie Raynal who also had the Carniege Hall Cinema. The second screen called the Agee Room was added around 1982 and was very tiny.

The theatre went through a soap opera like ownership struggle near its end with three parties fighting for the space. The theatre ended it's life as a porno theatre and then when the neighborhood complained had a very short stint again showing moveover art films, until it was gutted for retail space.

On Set Photos

Nefertiti! No Shit!

Those earrings caused so much trouble.

Skull Case

A Day In The Life Of Susan

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The "Face of Susan"

"God She's Gorgeous"

Desperately Saving Private Susan


Director Susan Seidelman knew Madonna from the local club scene before she was famous, dancing at clubs like Danceteria and Paradise Garage.

Allowing Madonna to express the role in her own way turned out to be a very wise move. Desperately Seeking Susan was rush released for the Easter season and earned an unexpected $16 million dollars.

Madonna had considerable control over the roll: She did her own hair and make-up,supplied her own wardrobe, and injected Susan with her own brand of confidence.

The film has 2 taglines...

"Roberta is desperate to be Susan.Susan is wanted by the mob. The mob finds Roberta instead."

"A life so outrageous it takes 2 women to live it."

Memorabilia 3